Thursday, November 02, 2006

Autumn Leaves Keep Falling On My Head

It's almost dark every evening when I leave from work; very dark by the time I get home. Where has all the sunlight gone? Finding some appreciation in the beautiful autumn foliage around me and loving the one hour of extra sleep I got this Sunday morning however gives me something to live for till spring. Till then what can I say but, “fall is here”!

With the dropping leaves comes bringing out my fleece throw, flannel pj's and turning on the fireplace at every opportunity I get. Hey, even though it’s California, 50 degrees to me is COLD! (What can I say, I’m spoiled!)

With fall also comes high energy consumption for those extra-warm blooded individuals like me. So trying to make my peace with the falling leaves till spring gets here, here are some “money” and world saving tips to help you thru the chilly evenings.

- Setting your thermostat just a few degrees lower in fall and in the winter can translate to substantial savings on your utility bills

- Taking shorter showers saves water and the energy used to heat it. Plus, for the women, it dries out your skin a lot lesser!

- Washing clothes cold water consumes far less heating than necessary. Although this applies all the year round, in fall and winter it costs a lot more to give your whites that extra warm wash.

With that, stay warm, bring out a nice bottle of wine, and enjoy some pumpkin pie.