Friday, June 25, 2010

Draw a line in the sand

It has been a strange time in the world of energy. On the heels of the West Virgina Massey coal mine tragedy followed and an oil spill caused by a coal-carrying ship near Australia. The biggest disaster yet was probably when the BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded on the eve of Earth Day and still remains unresolved.  With these recent events, it has become clearer than ever before than offshore drilling will continue to expand unless government leaders and the oil industry are forced to think otherwise.

This Saturday, environmentalists worldwide are taking the opportunity to focus the world's attention on this crucial issue through a massive coordinated action: Hands Across The Sand.

On June 26th At 11 AM, tens of thousands of individuals across North America will head to nearby beaches to join hands in a massive demonstration of support for clean energy.  Hands across the sand is people drawing a metaphorical line in the sand against offshore drilling.

Isn’t it funny how the meaning of drawing a line in the sand changes as you grow older? It doesn’t involve a sand bucket or an old branch or running away from the water when you see a huge wave coming in. It means taking a stand so that your great-grand kids can experience that someday.