Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Fall Eco-Fashion Series..

My younger sister is terribly into everything organic or herbal. From herbal face, body and foot creams (she swears by Himalaya herbal – available in Indian grocery stores), to organic food. Her latest passion being organic clothing.

As sisters, we argue incessantly. (We like to call it a difference in opinion). The single hardest conversation I’ve had with her recently is over organic towels. Our 'discussion' got me thinking about the confusion that people have about what natural fibers are really used in textiles. In some people’s opinion, natural fiber clothing is the same as organic clothing.

This prompted me to do a fall fashion series about fibers in their journey from the field to the fashion runway as they journey to rise to eco-fashion stardom or sink into conventional toxic Margarittaville. I’ll share my knowledge on the conventional versus organic manufacturing process, and list some fabulous manufacturers for 'sex and the city' worthy fashionable yet eco-friendly clothing.

So, the next time you are feeling a little guilty about buying that one extra blouse, don’t. You are saving the world.. One organic fashion statement at a time.

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