Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day #40 : Greenwashed or worthwhile?

April 22nd is Earth Day and environmentalists around the world love it. Today, people around the world come together to celebrate our planet and what it has to offer and every year around this time, the green blogosphere starts to buzz (guilty as charged) and twitter about the importance of Earth Day.

Sure, every day should be earth day—but after 40 years, does even a single annual Earth Day actually matter anymore? Is earth day washed up, or as environmentalists like to call it, Greenwashed? Jeff McIntire-Strasburg, Sustainablog echos my sentiments, exactly. (Twitter: @sustainablog
Sustainablog, SUNfiltered)

“I think Earth Day matters even more now that it's become more mainstream. It's an opportunity to come face-to-face with the "green curious," and demonstrate to them that green living doesn't have to mean big, scary changes into our lifestyles...but, rather, rethinking our relationship with the natural world, and incorporating that thought into our short- and long-term actions.

Is it over-corporatized and full of greenwash? Sure. And I definitely believe in the idea that every day should be Earth Day. But as long as there are people out there who have misconceptions about environmentalism, and the motivations of environmentalists, it gives us an opportunity to connect with them, share our ideas, and hear their concerns.”
Should everyday be earth day? Maybe. But until it does, if you chose to celebrate it that one day a year and decided to make one green resolution, what would it be? Here are my top 105easier-than-quitting-smoking resolutions, perfect for the busy or lazy. Take it a step further, be bold and commit your resolution to the Earth Day 2010 Campaign.
Earth day Resolutions for the Busy and Lazy
  1. I will recycle better
  2. I will use my blackberry or iPhone to make notes instead of sticky notes
  3. I will create less trash
  4. I will avoid using aerosol sprays and Styrofoam
  5. I will use fans instead of air conditioners
  6. I will think twice before I print out an email
  7. I will pay  my bills online instead of receiving it in the mail
  8. I will drink one less Gatorade a week
  9. I will embrace green technologies
  10. I will take the train, or bike to work at least one day a week
  11. I will use re-usable grocery bags
  12. I will drink filtered tap water instead of bottled water
  13. I will plant one new tree in my backyard
  14. I will turn off lights, TVs, and other electronic equipment when not in use
  15. I will change the way I think

Have you loved your earth today?


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