Friday, September 08, 2006

Ah! The Bathroom Lights!

Three years ago, my best friend was living with me for a while. I came home from work one evening to an apartment in complete darkness. She had one tiny light on. She was saving electricity. When she did dishes, she washed plates under a trickle of water. She was conserving water. Well, my friend is an environmental engineer, ground water tester…umm something along those lines.

I don’t do it for the conservation. I enjoy dim lighting. If I’m home alone, I have one lamp on. I remember to turn off lights when I walk from one room to another. The bathroom in our town home came with a fancy 12 bulb lighting structure; I use the 2 bulb option. Not really to conserve anything, just 'cos I hate the glare of bright lights.

Quite the opposite, my husband wants everything lit like he’s picking lint off his shirt. We argue incessantly; mostly about bathroom lights. Now I have an excuse. I’m saving the world, one light bulb at a time.