Friday, September 08, 2006

Random thoughts of an environmentalist that never was

I'm what ecologists would call a pseudo- environmentalist in a corporate world. I think about things like pollution and global warming. I occasionally have ideas and plans. And shortly after, the inspiration dies. What’s good an idea, if it isn't shared and if no one acts on it?

Truth is, like most busy professionals, I am too busy juggling work and home, planning dinner and thinking about what I need to do to get my next big raise. Most of my ‘save the world’ or ‘what’s my true calling’ thoughts have come to me while driving back home from work, mostly when I’m exhausted after a grueling day sitting at my desk and doing what I do best - working at my computer.

I keep myself happy by believing that I do my bit. I volunteer, occasionally toss that recyclable product in the right bin and carry my milk home without a plastic bag.

Should I be doing more? Does it really make a difference if I incorporate trivial changes in my daily life? One day at a time they say; but is that really enough? Could I, the lazy and busy pseudo- environmentalist really come through and go-green?

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