Monday, October 29, 2007

Finally.. the Scoop on Where to Shop (Part of The Fall Eco-Fashion Series.. )

After two serious posts on cotton and bamboo, finally, the scoop on where to shop. Here are some of eco-friendly adult and baby clothing, home goods manufacturers and retailers that I loved. Something to think about with the gift buying season coming up.

Haute Couture for the Fabulous Fashionista
Oscar de la Renta and Kate O’Connor, Linda Loudermilk, Summer Rayne Oakes, Amanda Shi of Avita

For the Concious Casual Dresser
Cotton field USA: Clothing thats a 100% pesticide free, chemical free and latex free. They offer lovely natural shades of brown, beige and sage with a variety of eco-dyed shades.

Chopper Couture just to show you how far this eco-fashion thing has seeped into all nooks and crannies of our society. Eco-designer Irene Zingenberg of Chopper Couture is hoping to demonstrate that beneath the rough chopper chick exterior and is a luxuriously soft eco-friendly chick. Chopper Couture is based in Toronto, Canada and has more than 100 stores retail Chopper Couture across Canada and the U.S.

Rawganique: Organic hemp, cotton and linen products with delivery in the US. Check out their organic v-neck cotton T-shirts

Hempys: American manufacturer and worldwide distributor of clothing and accessories made from sustainable materials including hemp, organic cotton, recycled cotton and recycled synthetics.

Other clothing manufacturers Bamboosa, Shirts Of Bamboo, HTnaturals

For the Baby
Organic wear USA: they offer beautiful organic baby gift sets, organic baby throws, blankets, toys, cute baby socks or any other gifts. All their our baby clothing and gifts are made with 100% certified organic cotton and come in beautiful natural colors

Sage Creek Naturals: Organic cotton baby clothes, organic bedding, and gifts

For the Home
The Bamboo Revolution.

Screen printing
T.S. Designs: Their REHANCE screen printing process avoids using plastisol inks.

QuantumOne from Wilflex is another non-PVC and non-phthalate plastisol screen printing ink that has similar look, feel and characteristics of conventional plastisol screen printing systems.

The European T-Shirt Factory is an interesting green printing story with a strong … and sincere … sustainability focus supported by ethical workplace policies for their employees. For their large commercial clients like Nike, Adidas, Polo and Wal-Mart (of course), the European T-Shirt Factor does everything from the knitting of tee shirts using certified organic cotton on tubular knitting machines, to eco-friendly screen printing on the finest commercial screen print equipment, to packaging (including bar coding, tagging and bagging), to distribution directly to their retail stores. Besides screen printing, the European T-shirt Factory also does apparel embroidery in its Egyptian facility.

Happy Shopping !

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