Thursday, May 22, 2008

This ones for us girls...

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about all the smart and talented women I know. Women I work with, play with. Friends who have stuck by my through bad decisions and even worse haircuts. Women, who work hard, play hard, balance M-I-L visits, manage school and forty hours of work and still find time to play a game of tennis every evening.

This one's for us girls.

The Fashionista, Elise-
With her impeccable sense of dressing, trend-setting style and perfectly manicured hands, you wouldn't really picture her pulling weeds from the sand. Wrong. She spent all day on May 17th sprucing up Half Moon Bay by digging up non-native plants in the area, so that they don't disturb the natural environment around them.

A true environmentalist hidden behind that perfect pair of jeans.

Who's the greenest of us all? Nilofer -
She's pretty, she's witty and she always knows the best places to eat in San Francisco. She dedicates time to the Google cafeteria to cut paper napkins in half to reduce paper waste. She truly is the greenest of us all.

The licensed environmentalist, Leila
My best friend and one the first people to teach me about the perils of water and energy waste.
She fights rain and shine to test ground and rain water, researches ways to reduce waste in the eco-system and still finds the time to gossip with me every evening.

Who can survive without girlfriends? They truly are the best!

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